Anne likes…


Anne is on a frantic search for happiness, health and adventure, not to mention, innovative design and vegan restaurants. Spending time outdoors ranks high on the to-do list. Hiking on a trail, jogging on the North Shore, exploring on a bike, paddling in a kayak, zipping down a line, cabin camping or jumping out of an airplane are potential weekend activities. Anne enjoys attending lectures and exhibitions. She’s addicted to Starbucks (only tea, no coffee) and the iPad. She tackles home improvement projects with gusto and a sledge hammer.


In case you haven’t heard, we are on a collision course. The Milky Way is predicted to collide with the Andromeda Galaxy in approximately 3 to 5 billion years. That really puts things in perspective! And that’s one thing you can expect from Anne. She tries to keep things in perspective. No matter what stressful or demanding situation arises, Anne tries to keep the big picture in mind. Basically, Anne is here to do as much as she can, to be as productive as possible and to bring as much joy, good design and vegan mashed potatoes as she can to the world and the people around her.


The semicolon is one of the lesser understood of the punctuation marks and for that reason, widely underrepresented in writing. It also happens to be Anne’s favorite punctuation mark; although, she doesn’t use it very often. Most situations don’t call for it. But Anne does find occasions to proudly use the semicolon correctly. Anne has always enjoyed mastering the details. When she works on a project, she treats each detail as an important design decision. A masterpiece doesn’t come about because of one big design decision; it’s made up of thousands of minute details.